How to Select a Garbage Disposal Replacement


If you use the garbage disposal on a regular basis, you will not be that happy using your kitchen when it is not working. You will not have to throw tiny pieces of food in the dustbin which can make the kitchen space have a bad odor. Also, you will not have to worry about the sink drain being clogged by food chunks. If it is time to replace your garbage disposal, you need to be careful about the choice you make so that you won’t end up with something inferior. It is not that complicated which means you will have an easy time deciding on what to purchase. When you pick a quality disposer, it will serve you for longer and the experience will be positive. You need to decide whether you will buy a continuous feed disposer or a batch feed. The continuous kinds are more popular and easy to use. They feature an open-mouth and you can use a wall switch in turning them off or on. The batch feed require a stopper lid to be fitted in the disposal mouth for them to start working. This is great in terms of safety because your hand will not be chowed by the system accidentally when it turns on while you are trying to get something out of the drain. Also, you won’t have the unit turning on when there are unwanted items into it. Even so, these units can be expensive and they are not commonly available. Do check this product for info.

Another thing you ought to think about is the motor size of the the garbage disposer. It is usually rated in terms of the horsepower. It can be a third, half, three-quarter or 1 HP. For a household, 1/2 HP garbage disposal will be okay. The system will not have a lot jams if the garbage disposal power is at 1 HP or 3/4 HP. To make sure that the drain does not keep on clogging because you are putting fat and other harmful stuff into the drain, just buy a disposer with a larger motor. Do not forget about the grinding chamber. All the action takes place in this compartment. The bigger the motor size, the bigger the grinding chamber. Choose a stainless steel grinding chamber for durability and ease of cleaning. Make sure to check drain strainer info.

You need a garbage disposal with an auto-reverse mechanism which allows you to unjam the unity. The system will automatically reverse the rotation is there is something stuck in the grinding chamber. This is essential in cases of tough materials not to forget overloads which can cause system failure. Here are some tips on how to fix a garbage disposal: